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Road and Water Projects Completed -- Photos

Over this past several years, some major projects have been completed in Timberland Acres.

Our roads are steadily being improved with quality chip sealing thanks to a joint effort between Timber-land Acres and Navajo County. Many, many thanks to the County for their participation.  To view photos of this and other projects click ROAD WORK PHOTOS.

To improve and modernize our water system, several aging and under sized 3” pipelines are have been replaced with new 6” pipe. To see photos and to read about this and other earlier water system work, click WATER SYSTEM WORK PHOTOS.





Timberland Acres Domestic Water Improvement System offers an online system for the management of your TADWID billing. For those of you who haven’t investigated this system, it will allow you to pay your water bill online through the website using any of several options.  Payments will be made through a secure and confidential software system known as “nexBillPay”.  A more complete explanation can be found on the Bill Pay page on the website.

Use of this system is entirely optional. If you choose to remain with the billing system in place through November 20, 2014, you can certainly do that. For those of you who want to go “digital” with the water billing, this is for you!

To connect to the Bill Pay Page for more information and to explore the actual nexBillPay system click on




How To Connect with Us

Telephone numbers and email addresses are set up for contacting the various operations of Timberland Acres.  They are:

  • Water District -- You can call or leave a message at 928-532-0570, or send an email to:
  • TADWID Secretary of Affairs -- Call 928-242-8835.
  • Road District -- Call 623-764-0075.
  • Website -- Call 928-240-4771 or email
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    2016 - 2017 Directory Available

    The updated 2016 - 2017 edition of the Timberland Acres Directory has been released and is available in printed form.  There have been many changes since the last directory was released a year ago and you can be current by using the new directory. A PDF version can be emailed to you at no charge.  The bound version costs $5.00.  You can order your copy at or call Nancy Bolce at 928-240-4771. 

    Please note that it is important that any new information you may have be provided to Nancy or to the TADWID Billing Department,  This could be a property owner change, or address and/or telephone information, and of course also would include any misspellings or other errors.

    Thanks very much for your help with this effort!


    Board Meetings Held

    Saturday, January 28


       Quarterly meetings of the TADWID and Timberland Acres Road Boards were held Saturday, January 28, 2017, beginning at 9:00 a.m.  Agendas for those meetings are now available on the website.  For a printable version of these Board meeting agendas, click AGENDAS

       Minutes of the meetings are published on this website. To view all of the past year’s minutes, click ROAD MINUTES or TADWID MINUTES

       The 2015 Water Quality Report is available by clicking CURRENT ADEQ REPORT.  The 2014 report is found at 2014 ADEQ REPORT


    • TAX LEVY DATE NOW SET - March 14, 2017, Tax Levy Information Posted in Preparation for 2017 Election
    • Revised TADWID By-Laws Are Posted    on the Website
    • New TADWID Contract Now in Effect
    • Timberland Acres Directory Available as Bound Copy or PDF
    • “Coffee Talk” Postponed

    Road Board Tax Levy - The $70,000 tax levy that was approved by TA residents registered in Navajo County in 2012 will need another voter approval in 2017. Without this levy, the tax revenue would be a mere $26,046, not at all enough to maintain our roads anywhere near satisfactorily for a year. The chip sealing that we have been able to do was made possible by the tax levy. More information on this process is posted on this website. Choose from any or all of the following for printable information on this levy. And please keep an eye on this space for continuing updates and information.





    New TADWID By-Laws - Revised By-Laws were approved by the TADWID Board at the October 22, 2016, meeting.  To view and/or print a copy of the new By-Laws click BY-LAWS

    New TADWID Contract - A new contract was approved at the October 22 Board Meeting.  It took effect on November 1, 2016.  To view and/or print a copy of the Water Service Establishment Contract, click here on CONTRACT.  If you have a new meter connection or are a new property owner, you are required to have a stop and waste valve on your side of the meter.  If you need to install such a valve, there are two options: (1) Hire a local plumber, or (2) contact the TADWID Manager, Robert Satterthwaite, who is qualified to do the work and will do it at a reasonable price. Robert’s number is 928-241-8712.

    Timberland Acres Directory, 2016 - The directory of our residents is now available in bound or PDF format.   Look for information at the top of this page on how to order the directory and /or how to update your entry in the directory.

    Coffee Talk - The Wednesday morning 10:00 a.m. chat-and-visit get togethers have been postponed until further notice. We are looking for someone to come forward and get this activity going again, certainly before the summer folks move in.  If you’re interested, please contact the Webmaster.



    Navajo County is conducting the four-year election for our Timberland Acres Special Road District #1 for a tax levy in the amount of $70,000 annually.  This amount is what has been in place for many years, but it must be renewed every four years.  Without this levy, our annual tax revenue would be merely $26,046, not at all enough to maintain and improve our roads anywhere near satisfactorily for a year.

    The election will close at 7:00 p.m. on March 14, 2017. It is important to understand that the election is Mail-In Only, and that no polling place will be provided. What that means is that eligible voters (individuals registered in Navajo County who own property in Timberland Acres) will be mailed ballots around February 15, 2017.  If you are not at the address of your registration, call 928-524-4192 before March 3, 2017, to request an absentee ballot.  Your completed ballot can be mailed to the County in the envelope provided, or placed in the ballot drop box in the parking lot at the Navajo County Health Dept., 550 N. 9th Street, Show Low. Ballots must be in the County’s hands by 7:00 p.m. on election day. For more information, click TAX LEVY and/or explore other links below on this page.

    Please Be Sure To Vote!!

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