Located in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona, Timberland Acres is a community of 500 lots, most being at least an acre in size.  The development occupies one square mile.

Residents come from various walks of life and age groups.  Some are working people with families, plus there are plenty of very active retirees.

 The area is located seven miles west of Show Low, south of state Highway 260.  The highly scenic trip between Timberland Acres and the Phoenix area takes roughly three hours.


How To Connect with Us

Telephone numbers and email addresses are set up for contacting the various operations of Timberland Acres.  They are:

  • Water District -- You can call or leave a message at 928-532-0570, or send an email to:  billing@timberlandacres.com.
  • TADWID Secretary of Affairs -- Call 928-537-5213.
  • Road District -- Call 623-764-0075.
  • Website -- Please call 928-892-2499 or email webmaster@timberlandacres.com.

  • Spring Rainbow

    A refreshing shower in Timberland Acres, May, 2015

    Four Seasons in the Mountains


  • TADWID Rate Change July 1, 2015.
  • Timberland Acres Directory Available
  • “Coffee Talk” Wednesday Meetings
  • At the April 25, 2015, TADWID Board Meeting, a set of new water usage rates was presented and approved.  The modifications to the new contract and rates will be available at TADWID CONTRACT and RATES soon. Note that the new rates are effective July 1, 2015, for water use after that date.

    The Timberland Acres Directory of property owners is available in digital format (PDF file) by contacting Nancy Bolce at 928-892-2499. A bound version ($3.00) is also available. If you have any changes to the current directory, please notify Nancy; an updated directory is in planning and will be released this summer.

    The Wednesday morning 10:00 a.m. chat-and-visit get togethers are being held at the Fire District substation.  Coffee and donuts may be served. The occasions are now happening weekly; in November they will go back to the first and third Wednesdays of the month.


    Copyright 2011-2015, Timberland Acres Domestic Water Improvement District, Version 150701

    Board Meetings July 25, 2015

      Quarterly meetings of the TADWID and Road Boards will be held July 25 at 9:00 a.m. at the Timberland Acres Fire Substation.  A printable agenda will be available at AGENDAS.  The meetings will be followed by the annual BBQ! See the item below. 

         To view the current and past year’s Water District minutes, click TADWID MINUTES.  The Road District minutes for the past year can be found at ROAD MINUTES.    Also, the 2014 Water Quality Report is now available by clicking CURRENT ADEQ REPORT.  The 2013 report is found at 2013 ADEQ REPORT.

    Road and Water Projects Completed in 2013 -- Photos

    Over this past year, several major projects have been in the works or completed.

    Our roads are steadily being improved with quality chip sealing.  The project just completed chip sealed Homestead, Old Forest, Cedar Crest, Ponderosa, and Old Settler.  This accomplishment was a joint effort between Timberland Acres and Navajo County. Many, many thanks to the County for their participation. To view photos of this and other road projects click ROAD WORK PHOTOS.

    Another in a series of projects to improve and modernize our water system is going on at this very moment.  On several roads the aging and under sized 3” pipelines are being replaced with new 6” pipe.  To see photos and to read about this project and other earlier water system work, click WATER SYSTEM WORK PHOTOS.


    An online system for the management of your TADWID billing was implemented earlier this year and is up and running successfully.  For those of you who haven’t investigated this system, it will allow you to  pay your water bill online through the website using any of several options. Payments will be made through a secure and confidential software system known as “nexBillPay”. A more complete explanation can be found on the Bill Pay page on the website.

    Use of this system is entirely optional. If you choose to remain with the billing system in place through November 20, 2014, you can certainly do that. For those of you who want to go “digital” with the water billing, this is for you!

    To connect to the Bill Pay Page for more information and to explore the actual nexBillPay system click on

                                                 TADWID BILL PAY.



    BBQ Scheduled for July 25 - Join the Fun!

       Following the Board meetings on July 25, the Annual Timberland Acres barbeque will be held at approximately 11:00 a.m.  Click on 2015 BARBEQUE for more information and a printable RSVP form. Please complete and return this form if you will be attending. 

       As  in the past, we will supply hamburgers and hot dogs.  If you can, do plan to bring a dish of some kind -- salad, side dishes, or desserts.


    Road Repairs To Be Completed in July

      On June 4 and 5, road repairs were begun on Bear Track Lane and on Navajo Trail.  A 350 ton load of chip seal base material was applied to those two roads. Final application of chip seal surface will occur in July.

      Please avoid these roads as much as possible while this project is under way.

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