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Road and Water Projects Completed -- Photos

Over this past several years, some major projects have been completed in Timberland Acres.

Our roads are steadily being improved with quality chip sealing thanks to a joint effort between Timber-land Acres and Navajo County.  Many, many thanks to the County for their participation.  To view photos of this and other projects click ROAD WORK PHOTOS.

To improve and modernize our water system, several aging and under sized 3” pipelines are have been replaced with new 6” pipe.  To see photos and to read about this and other earlier water system work, click WATER SYSTEM WORK PHOTOS.


How To Connect with Us

Telephone numbers and email addresses are set up for contacting the various operations of Timberland Acres.  They are:

  • Water District -- You can call or leave a message at 928-532-0570, or send an email to: billing@timberlandacres.com.
  • TADWID Secretary of Affairs -- Call 928-242-8835.
  • Road District -- Call 623-764-0075.
  • Website -- Call 928-240-4771 or email webmaster@timberlandacres.com.
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    **** 2017-2018 Directory Now Being Prepared ****

    The new edition (2017-2018) of the Timberland Acres Directory is in process. There always are many changes during the year since the last directory was released a year ago.   Please check your information, either by your lot number or your name by clicking DIRECTORY BY LOT or DIRECTORY BY NAME

    The PDF version can be emailed to you at no charge; the bound version costs $5.00. The new directories will be available in the early fall. You can order either or any version at webmaster@timberlandacres.com or call Nancy Bolce at 928-240-4771. 

    Please note that it is important that any new information you may have be provided to Nancy or to the TADWID Billing Department, billing@timberlandacres.com.  This could be a property owner change, or address and/or telephone information, and of course also would include any misspellings or other errors.



    • Some Things You Should Know
    • New By-Laws as of July 22, 2017
    • Road District Tax Levy Passes  
    • New TADWID Contract Now in Effect
    • “Coffee Talk” Now Weekly!!

    Some Important Property Information To Know about Timberland Acres

    (1) This concerns parties who place RV’s on their land with the intention of living in them or using them for occasional vacations. By law, an RV can be used as housing only if an acceptable home (stick built house, manufactured home, or park model) is being placed or built on the property. The applicable county ordinance, Article 22, states:  “This article provides for the temporary placement of an RV for one time each calendar year for a period not to exceed 30 consecutive days without a Permit or for up to a year with a Temporary RV Permit. The Permit shall run with the Building Permit.”

    (2)  TADWID is experiencing some residents using the shut-off valves in the meter boxes to turn the water on or off. Some of the meters are in the process of being locked closed.  Do know that tampering with our meters is a Federal offense.

    Road Board Tax Levy PASSES! - The $70,000 annual tax levy was approved by Navajo County registered voters who are property owners in Timberland Acres.  The election was March 14, 2017, and the results were:

                           YES    119                           NO   12

    This levy will be in effect until 2022, and will allow planning, road maintenance, and projects to move forward almost immediately.  Congratulations voters, good job. 

    New TADWID By-Laws - Revised By-Laws were approved by the TADWID Board at the July 22, 2017, meeting.  To view and/or print a copy of the new By-Laws click BY-LAWS

    New TADWID Contract - A new contract was approved at the October 22 Board Meeting.  It took effect on November 1, 2016. To view and/or print a copy of the Water Service Establishment Contract, click here on CONTRACT.  If you have a new meter connection or are a new property owner, you are required to have a stop and waste valve on your side of the meter. If you need to install such a valve, there are two options:  (1) Hire a local plumber, or (2) contact the TADWID Manager, Robert Satterthwaite, who is qualified to do the work and will do it at a reasonable price.  Robert’s number is 928-241-8712.

    Coffee Talk - The every Wednesday morning 10:00 a.m. chat-and-visit get togethers at the fire substation started up on May 3 under the direction of Charlie Denham.  Many thanks to Charlie for stepping forward and getting this activity going again! If you need to connect with Charlie, his number is 602-8801-0677.

    Some Important Property Info To Know about Timberland Acres

    “Coffee Talk” Now Every Wednesday

    *****  Important Information for “Next Check” Users   *****

    New By-Laws Voted Into Effect

    (See Below for Reports)


    Attention -- ONLINE BILL PAY USERS

       The link to the “Pay Your Water Bill” will now be available here on the home page. The Timberland Acres Water District has decided to evaluate the new payment proposal by Nexcheck and will decide to keep this service at future quarterly meetings.  However, at this time the online bill pay service from Nexcheck will still be available. You can select the “Pay Your Water Bill” link above or for additional information follow these steps:  (1) Select “Water District” from the menu at the left side of this screen, (2) at the Water District screen, scroll down to the “If You Want To Delve Further” box, (3) select “Bill Pay”, and then (4) select “Pay My Water Bill” from the next screen.


    Copyright 2011-2018, Timberland Acres Domestic Water Improvement District, Version 171016

    Quarterly Board Meetings

    Saturday, October 28, 2017  

       Quarterly meetings of the TADWID and Road Boards will be held on Saturday, October 28, 2017, beginning with TADWID at 9:00 a.m. and the Road Board following at approximately 10:00 a.m.

       Minutes of the meetings are published on this website. To view all of the past year’s minutes, click ROAD MINUTES or TADWID MINUTES

       Agendas for Board meetings are available on the website prior to the next scheduled meetings.  For a printable version of the latest set of agendas, click on AGENDAS.

       Note: The 2016 Water Quality Report is now available by clicking CURRENT ADEQ REPORT.  The 2015 report can be found at 2015 ADEQ REPORT.


    District Members

    A Special Thanks to Nancy & Kittie

    Nancy & Kittie provided many years of service and support to Timberland Acres. They established a high standard for maintaining the Water Districts finances. They perfected a water billing system that is still in effect today. They maintained this Website so current information would be available to all members of Timberland Acres.

    They were also the first Timberland Acres residents that we met when we moved here over six years ago. They met us at our new home with a welcome basket, answered all our questions, and helped us to also get involved with making Timberland Acres a great place to call Home.

    Thank You for Everything....

    Darryl Sleighter (TADWID Treasurer)

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