Located in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona, Timberland Acres is a community of 500 lots, most being at least an acre in size.  The development occupies one square mile.

Residents come from various walks of life and age groups.  Some are working people with families, plus there are plenty of very active retirees.

 The area is located seven miles west of Show Low, south of state Highway 260.  The highly scenic trip between Timberland Acres and the Phoenix area takes roughly three hours.


How To Connect with Us

Telephone numbers and email addresses are set up for contacting the various operations of Timberland Acres.  They are:

  • Water District -- You can call or leave a message at 928-532-0570, or send an email to:  billing@timberlandacres.com.
  • TADWID Secretary of Affairs -- Call 928-537-5213.
  • Road District -- Call 623-764-0075.
  • Website -- Please call 928-892-2499 or email webmaster@timberlandacres.com.

  • Just Passin’ Through

    A rare Lazuli Bunting seen Spring, 2014, in Timberland Acres

    Four Seasons in the Mountains


  • New TADWID Contract and Rates
  • Timberland Acres Directory Available
  • “Coffee Talk” Meetings Start Again
  • At the April 26, 2014, TADWID Board Meeting, a set of new water usage rates was presented and approved.  You can view and print the new contract and rates by clicking TADWID CONTRACT and RATES.

    Note that the new rates are effective July 1, 2014, for water use after that date. There is an exception to this, however. The fee for a totally new service installation, currently $850, will rise to $3,000 as of November 1, 2014.

    A new Timberland Acres Directory of property owners has been produced and is now available in digital format (PDF file) by contacting Nancy Bolce at 928-892-2499.  A bound version ($3.00) is also available.

    The Wednesday morning 10:00 a.m. chat-and-visit get togethers have begun again at the Fire District substation.  Coffee and donuts may be served.  Note that after November 1, the clatches will be held on the first and third Wednesdays only. _______________________________________________

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    Board Meetings Saturday, October 25, 2014

       Quarterly Board Meetings for TADWID and for the Timberland Acres Road Board were held at the Linden Fire Substation on Saturday, October 25, 2014.  Minutes for the TADWID and Road Board meetings are now posted on the website, as indicated below. 

           To view the current and past year’s Water District minutes, click TADWID MINUTES.  The Road District minutes for the past year can be found at ROAD MINUTES.    Also, the 2013 Water Quality Report is now available by clicking 2013 ADEQ REPORT.  The 2012 report is found at 2012 ADEQ REPORT.

    The 2014 Road Work Complete

    Roads in Timberland Acres needing attention were repaired by our Navajo County friends on Thursday, May 15, 2014.  The roads involved are Juniper Ridge Road, Geronimo Lane, Old Oak Trail, Fawn Lane, and Deer Run Road.  The work done included patching breaks in the chip seal and shoulder repairs.  Also, the Wildcat Trail South and North water line and road work begun this past fall were completed in late winter and both roads are open to through traffic -- and wider to boot.  Thanks, County, and our Road Board for these valuable projects.


    .  Billing Coordinator Position Open -- Act Quickly if You’re Interested

    .  Online Billing Capabilities Being Added

    The position of Timberland Acres Water District Billing Coordinator is now open and the Board is accepting bids immediately.  This offer is for an independent contractor, not a salaried person.  The position will be advertised in the White Mountain Independent for the next two weeks, ending November 11.  The bids will be reviewed by the Board and a final decision will be made at a Special Board Meeting November 15

    A very detailed description of the position is on this website.  It is important that this be accessed by anyone interested.  You can find a printable copy by clicking BILLING COORDINATOR INFORMATION.

    Please submit your bid so that it is received prior to November 15, 2014, to:  Timberland Acres, P. O. Box 1531, Show Low, AZ, 85902.

    Next, due to a growing interest by many customers in online billing capabilities, a series of features will be implemented soon, in several steps. Do note that if you have no interest in getting into cyberspace with your water bills, the current process will not be impaired in any way by these additions.  Here are some of the features being planned:

    1. Bills can be received via your email.  Many are doing this now.

    2. Payments can be made through the Timberland Acres website; your own financial information will have been provided confidentially to NexCheck, the payment module of our billing software, EasyBill32.

    3. You can choose to pay by check, debit, or E-check.  All of your personal credit and banking information will be protected by NexCheck, and will not be entered on the Timberland Acres website or shared with Timberland Acres in any way.

    4. NEXCHECK will accept the payment, record it, and transfer the credit and tracking information to the TADWID bank account.

    As mentioned above, this will be implemented in steps. The target for completion of the setup is the January billing.  Stay tuned for more information on this and for what you’ll need to do to sign up.

    Road and Water Projects Completed in 2013 -- Photos

    Over this past year, several major projects have been in the works or completed.

    Our roads are steadily being improved with quality chip sealing.  The project just completed chip sealed Homestead, Old Forest, Cedar Crest, Ponderosa, and Old Settler.  This accomplishment was a joint effort between Timberland Acres and Navajo County. Many, many thanks to the County for their participation. To view photos of this and other road projects click ROAD WORK PHOTOS.

    Another in a series of projects to improve and modernize our water system is going on at this very moment.  On several roads the aging and under sized 3” pipelines are being replaced with new 6” pipe.  To see photos and to read about this project and other earlier water system work, click WATER SYSTEM WORK PHOTOS.

    Emergency Info

    In case of a major emergency and you need to leave the area, use the printable EVACU-ATION MAP AND INFORMATION posted under the Maps and Photos page.


    It’s probably a good idea to have a printed copy available at your residence.

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    There are three govern-mental agencies asso-ciated with Timberland Acres:

    Timberland Acres Special Road District No. 1 .

    Timberland Acres Domestic Water Improvement District.

    Linden Fire Department.

    Timberland Acres has no formal homeowner’s association. However, reports are presented and discussion and input from the residents occur at the quarterly Board meetings.


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