How To Connect with Us

Telephone numbers and email addresses are set up for contacting the various operations of Timberland Acres.  They are:

  • Water District -- You can call or leave a message at 928-532-0570, or send an email to:
  • TADWID Secretary of Affairs -- Call 928-242-8835.
  • Road District -- Call 623-764-0075.
  • Website -- email

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    Attention -- ONLINE BILL PAY USERS

    The link to the “Pay Your Water Bill” will now be available here on the home page. The Timberland Acres Water District has decided to evaluate the new payment proposal by Nexcheck and will decide to keep this service at future quarterly meetings. However, at this time the online bill pay service from Nexcheck will still be available. You can select the “Pay Your Water Bill” link above or for additional information follow these steps: 

      1. Select “Water District” from the menu at the left side of this screen

      2. select “Bill Pay”

      3. select “Pay My Water Bill” from the next screen.


    Coffee Talk every 1st and 3rd Wednesday from 10 to 11.  Join others from the community for coffee doughnuts and general discussion at the Water Districts Community Center (6282 Juniper Ridge).

    Site updated: 01/30/20