Timberland Acres Domestic Water Improvement District


TADWID is under the jurisdiction of Navajo County, Arizona, and its local Board of Directors are elected officials of the county.   The Board consists of a Chairman, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. The term of each Board member is four years.

Board Members as of March 1st 2021, are:

  •     JS Ison, Chairman
  •     Jutta Lunario, Secretary
  •     Glenda Call, Treasurer (treasurer@timberlandacres.com)
  •     Roger Miller, Secretary of Affairs

The Board of Directors of the Water District meets quarterly on the fourth Saturday of January, April, July, and September, 9:00 a.m., in the Timberland Community Center on Juniper Ridge Road. Funding for operation of the Water District comes from fees directly charged to system consumers.

The water system has three wells (an average of 670 feet deep), and four storage tanks.  It is set up so that sections of the system can be isolated for maintenance and repairs.  This avoids interruption of service to the majority of homes when work is being done.


For all billing questions, concerns or comments regarding your Timberland Acres water bill, please contact Bob Reed,  Billing Coordinator for Timberland Acres and can be reached by email at billing@timberlandacres.com or by phone at (928) 532-0570

If you experience a water emergency or water leak, please contact Philip Call, Water Maintenance Manager for Timberland Acres.  Philip can be contacted at (951) 233-0759.


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