Timberland Acres Special Road District No. 1

The Timberland Acres Road District, like the Water District, is under the jurisdiction of Navajo County, Arizona. It is one of a very few Special Road Districts in Arizona. The roads are publicly owned, but privately maintained.  Funding for the Road District comes through the Navajo County property taxation system.  The local Board of Directors are elected officials of the county. The Board currently consists of five members: Chairman; a Vice-Chairman; Treasurer; Secretary; and a Culvert and Driveway Consultant-Grantor of Permits.  The term for a Board member is three years.

The current members of the Road Board are:

  •   Mark Lunario, Chairman
  •   Darryl Sleighter, Vice-Chairman
  •   Charles Denham, Treasurer
  •   Richard Wright, Secretary/Clerk
  •   Gerry Irving, Culvert/Driveway Consultant

The Road Board meets quarterly on the fourth Saturday in January, April, July, and October, at the fire substation.  The meeting immediately follows that of the Water District, usually around 10:00 a.m.

The road system of Timberland Acres is about 11.5 miles long, about 35 percent of which is paved with chip seal.  Major road improvements, both with paving and with gravel surfaces, have been made quite recently and in that effort we have been helped tremendously by the Navajo County Public Works Department.  Our great thanks and appreciation go out to them.  Without their help, we would be years from the quality of roads that we have.

Part of the road improvements involved graveling many of our subsidiary roads. The accompanying photographs show some of that big project, which was completed in 2011.

Road Projects Have Spanned Several Years

Roughly half of the 11.5 miles of the roads in Timberland Acres have been chip sealed over the last four years.  This work represents a great achievement and fine teamwork between our Timberland Acres Road District, and the Navajo County Public Works Department, who supplied personnel, heavy equipment, and expertise, and private contractors. Our sincere thanks and appreciation go out to them for what they have achieved for us.  Excellent, first-rate work, folks!

These projects were another phase of road improvement for our community. We look to the future when another group of roads will be chip sealed, resources permitting. 

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