The Linden Fire Department is a district within the State of Arizona, and Navajo County, and is governed by Arizona Revised Statutes Title 48. It is located on Arizona Highway 260 between Show Low and Timberland Acres.  Timberland Acres is part of the District.

There is a substation of the Linden Fire Department located in Timberland Acres on Juniper Ridge Road. Some reserve firefighters and full time firefighters reside in Timberland Acres.  The substation is equipped with a water tender and an older engine.

Linden Fire Department is a full fledged fire fighting organization, having an around the clock staff on duty at all times.  In case of a fire or medical emergency, the response time from Linden Fire Department to Timberland Acres is approximately five minutes.

In addition to their emergency duties, the Linden FD staff issues burn permits (good for one month).  Stop by to get your permit, or call for information and conditions.  928-537-1101. 

Linden Fire Department -- Main Station

Timberland Acres Substation

Linden Fire Dept