Timberland Acres Domestic Water Improvement Domestic

PO Box 1531

Show Low, AZ 85901

Regular Meeting of The Board


April 24th, 2021

Members present:

  • JS Ison, Chairman
  • Jutta Lunario, Secretary
  • Glenda Call, Treasurer
  • Roger Miller, Secretary of Affairs
  • Jutta Lunario, Secretary

1. Call to Order at 9:00 AM

2. Flag Salute Led by JS Ison

3. Oath for New Officers JS Ison, Chairman Led by Glenda Call

4. Quorum Confirmed by JS Ison, Secretary

5. Approval of Minutes

Jutta Lunario presented the minutes for January 23rd, 2021 and March 24th, 2021. Minutes were approved and are available on the TA website for viewing.

6. Treasurer’s Report

The following reports were presented and discussed:

Quarterly Financial Reports

Glenda Call shared the current approx. balances in the TADWID savings and checking accounts. Additional maintenance material expenses for Bull Elk Run were stocked. Copies of the minutes as well as the financials were made available upon request due to an error in printing copies for distribution.

Operating Budget

Glenda Call presented the new operating budget for approval at $160,000 some of the funds will be delegated to the new pressure tank valve which needs to be done during the next year. $160,000 is lower than some previous years which were as high as $190,000. The budget is a proposed budget to be used as a guide under our operating budget. The treasurer asked the board to vote and approve the 2021/2022 fiscal year budget. JS Ison made a motion to approve the budget, 2nd by Jutta Lunario the motion was carried.

7. Billing Coordinator’s Report

Bob Reed reported last billing we had 359 active meters of which some are electronic reading and others the older manual read meters. The newer electronic meters are more accurate than the older ones in place. Of the 359 meters, 135 are electronic and 224 manual meters. Of the 359 meters,

206, are seasonal. Total billing this past cycle was 355 up from 352 due to a few new meters installed.

8. Well # 2

Philip Call reported Well #2 needs some work, a slab, building and a clay valve. The valve will be automated thus eliminating manual

operating. Well #1 has an automated system. It was proposed to bring Well # 2 up to speed at an approximate expense of $16,000. Philip Call will pick up the building in Gallup and install the building as well as pour the concrete pad together with some help from within the community. Philip asked the board for approval to order the building and the clay valve as it may take 6-8 weeks to be ready for pick up/delivery. By Philip Call picking it up and installing it will speed the process and safe additional cost of delivery.

Asked if Well # 3 is automated Philip Call explained Well #3 is ‘on hand’ operation and Well # 3 is the lowest producing well. Well # 1 would be considered the next priority for a building using the same specifications as the building for Well # 2. Well # 3 needs a building in the future but requires different dimensions than Well # 1 and 2.
A motion was made by JS Ison to approve the purchase / ordering of the building and the clay valve. Discussion by Roger Miller as to how much money will be left in the operating account and that the account should always carry a balance in the minimum amount of $15,000. JS Ison made a motion to approve, was 2nd by Jutta Lunario. The motion was carried.

9. Systems Report

Blake Anderson reported the water testing returns are good, we are in compliant.

The Operator contract for Blake Anderson covering his monthly duties and his availability as back up for big maintenance jobs and emergencies when Philip Call needs help was increased from $1,000 to $1,100. JS Ison Motioned to approve to increase the monthly stipend by $100.00. The motion was 2nd by Glenda Call. The motion carried.

10. Bull Elk Run

Philip Call informed the board that the main line is complete from Wildcat South to Juniper Ridge. It is active and all the hydrants are in. All the valves and reduction valves are in and now need to be tied into the existing line approx. 7 on Bull Elk Run and approx. 11 or 12 caps on Wilderness Dr. to be done. Philip indicated the tie-ins to be completed possibly by the end of the year. Philip Call’s goal is to complete 1 per month. This work needs to be completed first before the road, Bull Elk Run can be done.

JS Ison mentioned about the text/call notification to residents when the water

will be turned off due to maintenance or emergency work and hoping they like the early alert system.

11. Projects Management Agreement

TADWID wishes to pursue funding through Water Infrastructure Authority of Arizona (WIFA) to rehabilitate the interior and exterior of the TADWID storage tanks and install a pressure tank which TADWID has already purchased. For additional details regarding this item please refer to item # 12 below.

12. District Improvement Grant/Funding

Jutta Lunario introduced Blake Anderson to give a brief overview how TADWID might be eligible to apply for a grant and or loan for major improvements to the water systems. Blake assisted the Pinedale community in obtaining a major WIFA grant/loan to install new system updated to re-instate their water supply which was contaminated and no longer potable. Blake Anderson proposed that due to the 40+ year old tanks and systems in our community it is highly recommended to explore the WIFA program. While exploring the program the ADEQ would perform an engineering on our systems for FREE. Once we receive the engineering report and obtain bids of anticipated expenses to cover our improvements then we may or may not decide to apply for the grant. At this point it is merely exploratory information gathering. The board will report on future information when available. A Project Manager Agreement in the amount of $3,000 (flat fee) for a period of 6 months to work with exploring the grant/funding through WIFA.

JS Ison made a motion to approve exploring the process for a flat fee in the amount of $3,000. The motion was 2nd by Jutta Lunario. The motion carried.

13. Community Activities Committee

Olivia Perez introduced her team who do a lot of work on the committee and for our community. Coffee Talk will be every other Wednesday from now on. May 15th, a Bingo night is planned, May 29th, will be a community yard sale. June will be decided yet and July 17th, will be the Annual BBQ more detailed information will be forthcoming. Expect a RSVP sheet with your next billing. The committee would greatly appreciate it to let them know if you will join and makes planning ahead much easier. To be safe it will not be a potluck. The food will be provided by the committee.

14. Call to Public

Bob Reed thanked the board for the information about the plans going forward. Bob also inquired about the anticipated drought where does this leave our water supply and will there be sufficient water supply. Blake Anderson responded that Arizona Dept. of Water Resources is the regulatory body for water usage production all our water comes from the Coconino Aquifer and should have sufficient water supply for 4-5000 years.

Joe (Olivia’s husband) inquired if the public notices could be posted sooner than. JS Ison indicated according to the by-laws the requirement is 24 hours but will take the request under consideration.

Dick Hobbs inquired if the (five) 5 more hydrants had been installed according to the agreement between TADWID and the Timber Mesa Fire Department. All 5 have been installed according to Philip Call.

Olivia Perez asked the board members to please introduce themselves by name and their positions since many members have not met any of the board yet. The board members introduced themselves at that time.

Another resident appreciated the work the board is doing since without water there would be no value to our properties and thanked the board for their work.

15. Adjournment

Glenda Call made a motion to adjourn the meeting, JS Ison 2nd the motion.



Water District Minutes