Timberland Acres Domestic Water Improvement Domestic
PO Box 1531
Show Low, AZ 85901
Regular Meeting of The Board
Minutes October 23, 2021

Members present:
JS Ison, Chairman
Jutta Lunario, Secretary
Glenda Call, Treasurer
Roger Miller, Secretary of Affairs

1. Call to Order 9:00 AM

2. Flag Salute Led by JS Ison

3. Quorum Confirmed by JS Ison, Secretary

    JS Ison announced a change in the order of reports being presented and asked that the Community
    Activities Report be moved from item #6 to item #8.

4. Approval of Minutes

    Jutta Lunario presented and read the minutes for July 24th, 2021. After no objections were made, JS
    Ison moved to approve the minutes as presented with Glenda Call seconding the motion. The motion

5. Quarterly Financial Report

    Glenda Call presented the Treasurers report noting that there is currently $45,355.82 in
    savings/checking. Glenda read a thank you letter from a local, non-profit charitable organization for a
    water donation of approximately 16,000 gallons of non-potable water that was made to the
    organization in September.

6. Systems Report

    Philip Call, Water Maintenance Manager reported the Bull Elk tie-ins are completed to Old Indian
    Trail. Depending on the weather conditions priorities will be set whether to continue the remaining tieins on Bull Elk Run or pour the concrete slab for the new well house. Financially, the funds are
    available for the concrete to be done.

    Project Manager Grant Update
    Blake Anderson discussed two grants TADWID was awarded through ADEQ's Technical Assistance
    Program for Small Water Systems; one grant conducted a systems evaluation with recommendations
    for improvement (performed in August 2021), the second grant was for asset management
    (performed in October 2021). An ADEQ representative inspected our systems and inventory on
    October 22, 2021. He commended our well maintained and organized water system adding this
    assessment took only 1.5 hours versus 5 hours usually used to evaluate similar systems. Blake
    especially thanked Philip Call for keeping our systems in such good shape. Blake added the first
    systems evaluation will take longer to complete and be submitted; the second asset management
    evaluation should be completed in a couple of weeks.

7. Billing Coordinators Report

    Bob Reed reported that we now have 367 water meters installed. More owners continue to mail
    checks rather than using the installed drop box for payments. Currently there is only $700 past due in
    collections which Bob indicated are mostly new owners.

8. Community Activities Report

    Olivia Perez reported that Coffee Talk is still ongoing every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month.
    Thank you to Rhonda and Bob Reed for decorating the CC for Halloween. A Bingo Halloween
    costume party (costumes optional) will be held Oct. 29th at the CC. The committee is planning a
    Thanksgiving potluck dinner to be Nov. 20th, 2021. Olivia thanked the Calls for donating an upright
    piano for TA's community us.

9) Call to Public

    A resident asked what a clay valve is. Blake Anderson gave a detailed description what a clay valve
    does and how it makes our systems more efficient.

10. Adjournment

    At 9:29 AM JS Ison moved to adjourn the meeting. Motion was second by Jutta Lunario, Motion


Water District Minutes