JULY 27, 2019



  • Steve Valentine, Chairman
  • Glenda Call, Treasurer
  • Brian Shields, Secretary
  • Roger Miller, Secretary of  Affairs


 1.Call to Order The Chairman called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM. Verified there was a quorum with three members present.

2.PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG: Everyone stood and pledged to the flag.

3.MINUTES APPROVAL: The minutes were reviewed by all board members. A motion was made and seconded. The Board voted to approve the minutes from the previous meeting in April.

4.BULL ELK PROJECT: Philip Call presented to the Board that the first segment of the project is complete. The required testing has been completed and that portion of the pipeline is now in service. The only remaining things are a couple of taps and have CC Construction finish the bar ditch and re-gravel the road.  Steve will talk with the contractor to get this completed.

5. Repair of Storage Tank #3: The contractor that is going to do this job is still held up in Colorado on another job, he expects that he will get to us the first part of next month.

6.Brush and Bail on Well #2: Beeman Well Drilling has been contacted and will get to us ASAP.

7.Report by System Operators: Philip Call presented a written document, detailing all of his major activities for the previous quarter. These included a 5/yr inspection by ADEQ, which went very well with only a small list of items needing attention. All have been completed.

8. Three year plan submitted by Blake Anderson: Because we are waiting to see what the next segment of Bull Elk will cost, and what will be needed on Well #2. The Board will table this item for now.

9. Dumpster: Glenda researched the cost of obtaining a dumpster from all local companies. The Board voted to get one from R&M INC. it will be placed by the tanks and will be locked so that it won’t be used by residents for their trash.

10. Special Projects Cost: Steve identified the problem with the board not paying our system operator (Philip) for jobs that are not normal maintenance. The Board discussed this and voted to pay $30.00/hour for jobs such as new pipeline, new pressure tank installation. Philip will keep a record of the hours he spends on these projects.

11.TREASURERS REPORT: The Treasurer Glenda Call handed out copies of the Operating budget and Expenses to the public and board members, she explained in detail the report. Motion made and seconded, all board members voted to approve the reports.

12.Mail Pickup Backup: The Board agreed that when the billing person is out of town or otherwise out of pocket, the Treasurer Glenda will pick up the mail so that all invoices can be handled immediately.

13. Billing Coordinator Report: Dorene Britt presented the Board with a list of billing Balances Due. There is one property that has been locked off for non-payment. There is no response from the property owner, so it will remain locked. One other property that is in limbo because the bank pays this owners bills, more research is needed on this on.

14. Community Committee Report: Olivia Perez chair of the committee presented the Board a list of accomplishment that the committee has accomplished. She also named the members of the committee, and their duties. Joe Brosius, presented the financial report for the committee, and noted that all monies and improvements to the center are donated, the DWID has not paid for any of them. Also this years barbeque was provided by the committee and donations.

15.CALL TO THE PUBLIC: Bill Yenawine, commented on how he appreciated Philip’s help in locating a water leak that he had. Lana Hitchens, asked who pays for the utilities for the C.C. She was told that it was the DWID, but we would look into how we can make it fair for the community and the DWID.

16 Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 9:54 A.M.

Water District Minutes