Minutes for Timberland Acres Special Road District #1

April 24, 2021 at TA Community Center on Juniper Ridge Road


Trustees in attendance: Mark Lunario, Chair

  •   Darryl Sleighter, Vice-Chair
  •   Charles “Charlie” Denham, Treasurer
  •   Richard Wright, Clerk/Secretary
  •   Gerald “Gerry” Irving, Culvert/Driveway Consultant  


Call to Order, Confirmation of a Quorum:

 Mark called the meeting to order at 10:00 am, and confirmed the presence of a quorum.

Introduction of New Board Members:

 Mark introduced the Board Members.

Approval of Minutes from January 23, 2021 and March 27, 2021:

 The Minutes have been posted on the website and Richard had handed out copies to each Board Member and the audience present. Charlie moved to Approve the Minutes as presented, second by Darryl, unanimous aye vote.

Treasurer’s Quarterly Report & Approval:

 Charlie went over the Third Quarter Financial Report for January, February & March 2021, the breakout numbers for Road Maintenance and Road Materials, and the printout from the Navajo County Treasurer about check paid/deposits/reconciliation.  He explained that maintenance costs were low this year because we haven’t had much snow. The balance in the bank account as of April 20, 2021 was $107,838.37.  Darryl moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented, second by Richard, unanimous aye vote.

Proposed Budget for 2021/2022 Year and Approval:

 Charlie presented a Proposed Budget, he explained it.  Charlies explained that he thought the Board should increase the Road Material Budget to $30,000 from what he had written, because he had gotten notice of an increase in prices of materials, which will raise the total Budget to around $80,225.  There was a discussion that the Tax over-ride that will probably expire soon, maybe in 2022, there was no action taken on that because it is not on the agenda. The over-ride requires a vote by the community, in an election run by Navajo County Elections, so this will be placed on a future agenda. The Board reviewed the requirements of Public Notice and it needs to be put in the newspaper also. The Board briefly reviewed how, because we are spending tax money, we have to do Public notice with sealed bidding for any contracts.  There are also ways we can work with Navajo County through our IGA, the County can then bill us and we might not have to do sealed bidding or at least the County can help with that.   Darryl said that we should put the over-ride and a plan for the road improvements as an agenda item at the next meeting. Darryl moved to approve the budget with the increase that Charlie had indicated, Second by Richard, unanimous aye vote.

Call to the Public:

 Bill Yenawine asked about who gets to vote on the over-ride, can property owners who are not residents, because they also live in the Valley or elsewhere, vote? There was a discussion about this.  Darryl said you can contact the Navajo County Board of Elections and ask for a ballot for the over-ride and vote even if you don’t live here.  For this type of election, it is hard to identify the voter because some properties are owned by LLCs or Trusts, so apparently ballots are not sent to all owners as they are for registered voters.  Richard said that the County administers all aspects of the elections, and the Road Board pays them for the service.

Terri Manhart asked “How do you determine which roads need to be repaired”.  Darryl explained the various situations of improving roads and of maintenance, which are two separate things. He said the Board takes information about maintenance needs from residents and get Cameron Crandall our contractor to fix as many as we can.  Improving roads, as in the chip seal paving, is a different process.  There was a discussion about Old Forest needing maintenance. 

Nancy Walker said that she are her husband bought and are working on a lot and home on Wilderness Trail. She pointed out that Wilderness is a cul-de-sac but that it crosses onto another lot and loops around.  There was a discussion about this, and eventually the Road Board will have to locate the cul-de-sac and make sure the road there is in Road District boundaries. She explained that road along their property is running in the basic correct location, they just had their property surveyed and there are now stakes where the road boundary goes along their property. 

Michael Mack spoke about the exit out of Timberland Acres (TA) at the South West corner, that there is activity back there outside of TA and there have been dozens and dozens of trucks running over our roads which we have to maintain using our money.  He said Wildcat Trail is one of the roads being damaged by the trucks. Darryl explained the situation, it is through an easement called Fieldy Road, which the Road Board is aware of.  Darryl said that the Road Board will only maintain roads that we have residents using and there are no residents of TA that use Fieldy road.  Richard pointed out that there is also information about this in the Minutes from the March 27 meeting. 

Lyle Bishop said that he lives near the end of Juniper Ridge and there is a problem with through traffic into the forest there.  He said that maps show that it is an ATV trail and it creates a lot of dust. He asked if Juniper Ridge could be paved to the end, up to the gate.

Nate Povlich asked about the paving of Bull Elk Run, when is it going to be done and how far is it going to go – to the end? Darryl explained that it will be the entire length of Bull Elk, and the timing is not known exactly. Mark said that the Water Board is still working on hookups, we don’t want to pave the road and then tear it up for water pipes, so we need to wait until they are done, probably won’t be paved until 2022. Darryl said that we want to make sure to properly prepare the road subsurface so that it will last. Richard and others said that it would make the most sense for any paving start to were Bull Elk comes off Juniper Ridge and White Mountain because that is where most of the traffic is, it is the steepest, the most problematic in the snow, and where we spend a lot to maintain it because it is a dirt road.

Linda Wilson said that there was damage to the culvert at Geronimo and Loggers Lane by a truck that went into the ditch. She said it was all online in photographs and that it was a Perkins concrete truck and that we should get someone to pay for the damage. There was a discussion about this, Perkins was apparently there working for a property owner, not the Road Board, and that a crane had to be used to get the truck back on the road.  There was a discussion about options. Cameron said he had opened the culvert back up, but it keeps getting run over. He said that maybe we could extend the culvert, or put some cement in there, because the corner is tight right there. Darryl said the Road Board would look into it. 

Dick Hobbs said that maybe the AZ DOT could help with the through traffic and the trucks, that when he lived in another State the DOT took control of the heavy truck traffic and that maybe DOT could help us with this. Darryl said that the Board has to work with Navajo County on a lot of problems like this, but that the Board appreciates the input and will do whatever we can.


 Mark moved to Adjourn the Meeting, Second by Darryl, Unanimous Aye Votes.


Road District Minutes