Minutes for Timberland Acres Special Road District #1

July 27, 2019 at TA Community Center on Juniper Ridge Road


Trustees in attendance:

  • Russell “Rusty” Britt, Chair
  • Charles “Charlie” Denham, Treasurer
  • Rick Bowers, Culvert/Driveway Consultant 
  • Richard Wright, Clerk/Secretary  


Call to Order, Confirmation of a Quorum:

 Rusty called the meeting to order at 10:05 am, and confirmed the presence of a quorum.  There four Board Members present, one Board position is vacant.  Rusty introduced himself and the rest of the Board Members.

Minutes & Approval from April 27, 2019 meeting:

 The Minutes had been handed out to the audience and the Board Members.  Everyone spent a few minutes reading the Minutes. Charlie moved to approve the Minutes from April 27, 2019, second by Rick, unanimous aye vote.

Treasurer’s Report & Approval:

Copies of the Report had been handed out to the Board and the audience present.  Charlie went over the data in the documents: the Fourth Quarter Financial Report, April, May & June 2019 and the 2019 Year End Summary (FY July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2020), which included a detailed listing of all income and expenses, all checks written, and, income and expenses listed by categories. The balance in our account with the County at the end of June was $225,995.85.  He asked if there were any questions. There was a discussion about the details in the report. Richard moved to approve the Reports as written, second by Rick, unanimous aye vote.

Review, Discuss & Vote on Chip Seal Proposal:

 Rusty talked about his search over the last few years for a chip-seal contractor. Rusty said that Supervisor Williams has agreed to partner with us on the cost, in the form of a $75,000 reimbursement. Rusty had the Proposal from Surface Contracting, Inc., who has a yard locally in Snowflake. Part of the problem is because of our location, and the relative small size of the job, Rusty had a hard time getting anyone to bid. Rusty gave the Board copies of the proposal, and read the proposal aloud to the public.  The job was expected to take about 1 week, and will be done when the monsoon is over this summer, 1/3 of the money in advance, 1/3 when half completed, and 1/3 when the job is finished.  Amounts were Mobilization of Equipment $5,600, Single Chip Seal for the loop resurface $159,000, and Double Chip Seal for Bear Track $48,800, total $213,500.00.  There was a long discussion about this, with participation from the audience.  One worry was the Road Board would barely have enough money to continue regular maintenance if the County did not reimburse us, all we have is a verbal agreement with Supervisor Williams.  The availability of other options, including about millings which are not often available, were discussed. The Board discussed only doing part of the proposed work, the pros and cons of that. Rusty said that if we didn’t maintain the chip-seal on the loop it would end up looking like Pinedale Road, which is in horrible condition.  The public participated throughout this discussion.  Charlie moved to accept the proposal dated June 24, 2019 by Surface Contracting, Inc and contract with them for the work, Second by Richard, unanimous aye vote.

Culvert Report:

 Rick said that he has again inspected the culverts. He said anyone had any questions about culverts or installation of culverts to call him at 928-242-3810. He presented copies of his list of all the culverts and a map with the location and an identifying number for each culvert. Rusty said Cameron had to clean out a culvert on upper Navajo after the recent rain.

Announcement of Board Member Vacancy and Possible Appointment:

 Rusty again announced the Vacancy, and asked for a volunteer. No one volunteered.  He said that if someone is interested to please talk to him or one of the Board members.

Road Maintenance:

 Rusty talked about recent maintenance.  There was a discussion about the beginning of Bull Elk and the washboarding there.  Rusty said that we are waiting for the Water District to install the new water pipe, and then we can install a better road surface. 

Call to the Public:

 An audience member asked for people to stop speeding, that the speed limit is 25 miles per hour and that animals are being run over by speeders, he asked for more speed limit signs. There was a discussion of who was speeding and what to do about it.  The Navajo County Sheriff is responsible for traffic enforcement. At this time of the meeting, nearby the Timberland Acres BBQ was beginning and the noise was increasing. 

 An audience member had mentioned that the millings at Navajo and Cholla were eroding some from the rain.

 An audience member mentioned that there is a pile of gravel on Antelope that needed to be spread out, and that Antelope overall could use more gravel.


 Rusty moved to adjourn the meeting at around 11:05 am, second by Charlie, unanimous aye vote.

Road District Minutes