Minutes for Timberland Acres Special Road District #1
October 23, 2021 at TA Community Center on Juniper Ridge Road

Trustees in attendance:

Mark Lunario, Chair
Darryl Sleighter, Vice-Chair
Charles “Charlie” Denham, Treasurer
Richard Wright, Clerk/Secretary
Gerald “Gerry” Irving, Culvert/Driveway Consultant

Call to Order, Confirmation of a Quorum:

    Mark called the meeting to order at about 9:40 am, and confirmed the presence of a quorum.

Minutes from July 24, 2021 Meeting and Approval:

    The Minutes have been posted on the website and Richard had handed out copies to each Board Member and the audience present. Darryl moved to Approve the Minutes as presented, second by Gerry, unanimous aye vote.

Treasurer’s Quarterly Report & Approval:

    Charlie went over the First Quarter Financial Report for July, August & September 2021, the Road Maintenance Report and the printout from the Navajo County Treasurer about checks paid/deposits/reconciliation. He reviewed the income, which is from Property Taxes.  Most of this comes in October because that is when people pay their tax bills. He went over the Expenses, which were $8,240.37. The ending balance on September 30 was $120,671.54 and it reconciled with the County’s accounting. Gerry moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented, second by Darryl, unanimous aye vote.

Culvert Report:

    Gerry said that he had gotten several questions about driveways and culverts that he had answered. That he approved on Culvert installation on Wilderness Trail.

Discussion and vote on Road Board Policy and Procedure changes for 2021:

    Richard had sent the Board proposed changes and had asked the Board for any other proposed changes.  He handed out copies with the changes highlighted, and explained what he was proposing.  One of the main changes to simplify things was to remove our Policy about 3 year limit on a Board member serving in a Position (i.e. Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Culvert Consultant) and add, “The duties and authorities shall be divided between the Trustees. If there is any disagreement between the Trustees about the allocation of duty or authority it shall be resolved by a majority vote of the Board.” There was a discussion. Richard said that the changes conform to the ARS, these are our rules, and that we can change our Policies at any meeting by putting it on the agenda, motions, and votes. Charlie moved “to accept the Policies and Procedures as amended”, second by Darryl, unanimous aye vote.

Request for individuals interested in Treasurer’s Position:

    Mark reported that Charlie will be stepping down as Treasurer, and he asked for anyone who is interested in getting on the Board or becoming Treasurer, to contact him or any of the Board Members, or to come forward now at the meeting. No one volunteered.  Mark asked if anyone in the community is interested, to please contact him or another Board Member. Charlie explained that it would be preferable if the person knew how to work Quickbooks as we are moving to that software.

Status of tax overrride resolution for March 2022 ballot.

    a) Review of the Navajo County notice of election.
    b) Board acceptance of, and signature of the Road Board’s statement on the tax override.
    c) Preauthorization regarding water board costs for mailing of tax override information sheet for voters in Timberland Acres Road District.

    Mark reported that the Notice of Election has been posted on the website and at the mailbox and other locations in TA. Darryl explained that he was in contact with Navajo County and there will be an election on March 3, 2022 for a renewal of the 5 year tax override levy for all the property owners of Timberland Acres. We have had 3 or 4 of these in the past, and they allow us to improve the roads. He said with this next 5 years we would be doing chip-seal or petroleum-based improvements to Bull Elk from Juniper Ridge to Wildcat, and two or three other roads that are not cul-de-sacs. Darryl explained that we will probably be able to have all roads except the cul-de-sacs chip-seal or petroleum-based in the 5 years, along with performing the usual maintenance, patching and snow removal. And that the cul-de-sacs will be evaluated and possibly some of those will be scheduled for petroleum-based improvements, depending on number of residents on the cul-de-sac and other criteria.
    Darryl explained that you need to be a registered voter in Timberland Acres in order to receive a ballot by mail, if that is set up already it will be mailed to you. If you are not registered to vote here, you can request a ballot be mailed to you by calling the Navajo County Elections Department (928) 524-4062. Navajo County staff at that phone number are anticipating that people will be calling to request that a ballot be mailed for this specific override election, and they are ready to help.   You must request the ballot by February 25, 2022.   If it seems necessary, we can request that they set up a polling place that day at the Timberland Acres Community Center.
    Darryl reported that the Notice of Call of Election will be published in the newspaper, and that it will be included in the January mailing of the Water bills so that as many people as possible with know about the election. There is a Public Information Sheet that goes over the main points and that will be in the Water bill mailing also. Darryl moved that “the Road Board will pay any reasonable cost to the Water Board for mailing our notice and information sheet in the January water bill mailing”, second by Gerry, unanimous aye vote.  There was a discussion about whether or how much the property taxes will change.   The override is to continue our income from property taxes at a level of $70,000.  It is a little complicated because the tax levies are based on property values which change, so there is a formula and percentages are spread over all of the properties in TA, resulting in approximately $70,000 every year.  There is a current $70,000 override is in effect already, so the Timberland Acres Road Board tax percentage would not be changing significantly.

Call to the Public:

    Joe Brosuis said he wanted to thank Gerry for saving all of us money because Gerry came out to their property and cleaned out a culvert. He said that he really appreciates the work Gerry did.
    Cary Houser said he had a question about culverts. He said that the culvert in his driveway was partially blocked and water had overflowed and washed the gravel off his driveway. Darryl explained that the Road Board is responsible for culverts under the roads, but not under driveways, so that he would need a private contractor.
    Greg Hitchens said that he wanted to thank the Board for sending Cameron to work on Spotted Pony.  Cameron graded, making 4 passes and then he helped a neighbor.   Greg said that Cameron told him that there would be gravel delivered, and Greg asked, “When do you think that will happen?” Mark said keep an eye on it and if it doesn’t happen call us and let us know to remind Cameron.


    Mark moved to Adjourn the Meeting, Second by Darryl, Unanimous Aye Votes.

Road District Minutes