An evacuation route has been established by Navajo County and posted here as a courtesy.  Any questions can be directed or calling 928-333-3412.   The route through the ranchland to the east of Timberland Acres.  The exit is gated and locked, but the Linden Fire Department has a key.

To display a printable map of this route, click here on evacuation map.


This is a view of the road to the gate from the inter-section of Bull Elk Run and Juniper Ridge Road. The gate’s location at the end of the road is framed in the center of the photo .

The gate as it stands at the end of the dirt road, before the road enters private property.

The photo at the right from Juniper Ridge Road faces easterly and shows the paved intersection of White Mountain Drive coming from the left, and Bull Elk Run coming from the right.  The entry to the gate is just off Bull Elk Run.

    Evacuation Information