TADWID Water Bill Pay

General Information --

How this Bill Pay System Works:


To begin the process, you will need to set up an account.  To do this, click on the above button, “Pay Your Water Bill”, which will take you into the nexBillPay system.  Do be assured that nexBillPay  is  solidly secure and confidential. It provides the payment module of the Timberland Acres water billing software, EasyBill32.

Next, click on the “Sign Up Now!” button.  You will now have a set of screens which will first confirm your TADWID account number, and then allow you to enter information the system needs to be able to process your payments.

Once you have set up your account, you are ready to begin use of this system regularly for payment of your water bills. You simply click on the “Pay Your Water Bill” button, and then click on “sign in”.

You can choose to pay by check, debit, or E-check. All of your personal credit and banking information will be protected by NexCheck, and will not be entered on the Timberland Acres website or shared with Timberland Acres in any way.

Finally, nexBillPay will accept the payment, record it, and transfer the credit and tracking information to the TADWID bank account.

If you have questions or comments concerning your TADWID bill, contact the Billing Coordinator at billing@timberlandacres.com or 928-532-0570. If you have technical or usage questions about nexBillPay, their Customer Service number is 1-800-639-2435.


The link to the “Pay Your Water Bill” will now be available here on the home page. The Timberland Acres Water District has decided to evaluate the new payment proposal by Nexcheck and will decide to keep this service at future quarterly meetings.  However, at this time the online bill pay service from Nexcheck will still be available. You can select the “Pay Your Water Bill” link above or for additional information follow these steps: 

    1. Select “Water District” from the menu at the left side of this screen

    2. On the Water District screen, scroll down to the “If You Want To Delve Further” box,

    3. select “Bill Pay”

    4. select “Pay My Water Bill” from the next screen.